As experts in Latin food, Goya wants to invite all Latin families living in the U.S. to get back part of their culture by cooking traditional recipes and encouraging their kids to try new Latin flavors.


USH Idea Awards 2017 / Gold / Craft - Direction 
USH Idea Awards 2017 / Gold / Craft - Casting & Performance 
USH Idea Awards 2017 / Gold / Planning
USH Idea Awards 2017 / Silver / Film 
Featured in Creativity's Top 5 

Prodigal Son 

Kids Menu

Food at Home

My Friend Ashley

Agency: Dieste 
Chief Creative Officer: Ciro Sarmiento
Head of Art: Gustavo Zapata
Associate Creative Director: Marina Cuesta 
Art Directors: Rocío Ramírez | Jesse Echevarría
Copywriter: Marta Matías 
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