I'm Marta 
 An ACD Copywriter 

With a knack for words.
Pretty much a casual nerd
And very much a goofy Cancer.
I love books, art, culture and food.
Also, comedy, I like to hahah and jajaja.
Born and raised under the Puerto Rican sun​​​,
But currently based in cold, yet cool, Chicago, Il.
Bilingual, bicultural and bringing a ton of fun insights.
Polyglot if you count fluency in GIFs, memes and emojis.
Avid storyteller, I'm always looking for ways to tell the untold.
Recurring mentor at the Women Who Create mentorship program. 
I have a couple of awards under my belt. They're nice and shiny; it's cool.
When I'm not writing stellar copy, you can find me at the nearest dance studio.
Let's work together! Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me...or add me on LinkedIn

Peace out!